Causes of Bolt in Tire Tread – How to Solve it?

The tires are some of the most exposed components in a vehicle. Since they constantly interact with the road surface, your car tires can randomly pick up pebbles and debris. If this is the case, there’s no cause for alarm.

However, sharp objects like nails, screws, bolts, etc., can also find their way into your car tires. Here’s the big question – Can you drive with bolt in tire tread? Driving with a bolt stuck in your vehicle’s tire is okay, provided you’re heading straight to an auto mechanic’s shop to fix it.

Meanwhile, I’m going to show you how screws or bolts get into a vehicle’s tire and how to fix the issue in this article.

bolt in tire

Is it Safe to Drive with Bolt in Tire Tread?

Yes, it’s safe to drive with bolt in tire tread as long as the air in the tire is intact. A punctured tire tread can stay unnoticed for days and even weeks. In most cases, the object stuck in the tire seals the hole, preventing air from escaping.

However, if you notice this problem in your car, know you’re driving on borrowed time. The tire could go down or blow out when you least expect it. A car tire can look fine, whereas almost quarter of the air pressure is gone.

So, if you must attempt to drive the car off your garage, you should be heading to a technician’s workshop. It would be best to avoid trying to go on a trip with your vehicle in that state.

Driving with a nail, bolt, or screw in a tire can be hazardous. The tire can leak air and even shred while in motion. This can result in a fatal accident.

How long can You Drive with a Bolt in the Tire?

You can drive your car for days and weeks with a bolt in the tire. If the air pressure in the tire is still intact, you can be sure of driving with the tire. However, ensure to check the tire pressure before attempting to do this.

Meanwhile, feeling unconcerned about a bolt in a tire could be better. Whether or not it is possible to drive the car for days without any issues, do not take the risk.

Once you notice a bolt stuck in your car’s tire, ensure to remove the object as soon as possible. If you’re a DIYer, that’s an advantage. Conversely, if you can’t fix it, kindly contact an auto technician to remove bolt. This will only cost a few bucks.

How does a Screw get into a Tire?

Generally, a screw can get into a car’s tire by driving over it. However, there are several ways by which this occurs. Some common ways a screw can pierce a vehicle’s tire include the following.

Driving over screws

Driving over screws is the most common way this sharp object gets into a tire. If you’re very observant, it is common for a screw to pierce into the rear wheels. This is because a screw will most likely lie vertically or flat on the ground.

When the front tires go over them, they flip the screw up or erect. Then, they can easily pierce straight into the rear tire as they go over them.  

Screws on puddles

Driving through a puddle can also be easy for a screw to penetrate a car’s tire. As you drive past a puddle, the disturbance can get the water to flip sharp objects, such as a screw to a position that makes it possible to penetrate your tire.

Screws in wooded planks

Thirdly, screws in wooden planks can also penetrate into your tires easily. Screws in a plank are likely always to be upright. This makes them very stable and easy to pierce into the tire. In most cases, the tire’s weight can cause the wood to disintegrate while retaining the screw.


Lastly, you may be at the risk of sabotage. Someone may intentionally drive a screw into your car’s tire as an act of wickedness. Other times, they may place the object where you’re likely to drive over it.

What will happen if Bolt Stuck in Tire?

If a bolt gets stuck in a tire, it will likely leak air gradually until deflated. This can impact the driver’s ability to control the steering wheel. A deflated tire will make your steering wheel heavier than normal. This can further result in an unexpected accident.

Switching to a spare tire is best when a bolt is stuck in your car’s tire. If you don’t have one, another option is to pull out the bolt with a pair of pliers and fit in a DIY tire patch kit. However, this approach can be detrimental due to the size of the bolt. So, you may have to contact an expert auto technician.

Can a Tire with Screw be repaired?

Yes, you can repair a tire with a screw. However, this is strongly dependent on the location of the puncture. If the screw pokes the tire on the tread, you can easily patch it up. But if the tire is pierced in the sidewall or somewhere close, you may have to get a new tire replacement.

Nevertheless, if you’re faced with a similar challenge, ensure to exhaust relatively cheaper options first. If the problem is beyond repair, you can buy a new car tire.

How to Fix Bolt in Tire Tread Issues

If you notice a bolt stuck in your car’s tire, ensure to fix the issue immediately. If you’re unsure what to do, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to fix a tire punctured by a bolt.

Inspect the tire

Firstly, carefully inspect the tire to ascertain the exact penetration location. At the same time, ensure to check for any leaks caused by the hole. You may have to spray the tire with a bubbling liquid. Then, watch out for bubbles caused by leaking air.

Take off the bolt

Now, carefully pull out the bolt with a pair of pliers. You don’t have to worry about the tire deflating completely. After all, you’re going to fix it.

Remove the tire/patch up the hole

If you notice a hole in the tire caused by the bolt, remove the tire and patch it up. Carefully jack up the car and take off the tire. Then, detach it from the rim.

After that, ensure to get a recommended tire plug kit. You can also apply recommended rubber cement to the hole. After that, take off the stick part from a radial tire patch. Then, stick it to the inside of the hole. Make sure the hole is properly sealed. Wait a few minutes after plugging the tire.

Fix the tire back on

If you’re done patching the tire, carefully fix it back on the rim and inflate it. Once you’re sure that the patch worked, go ahead and mount the tire on the vehicle.

Contact an expert auto technician

If all your efforts to fix the issue of a bolt stuck in your car’s tire seem abortive, kindly contact an expert auto technician immediately. The technician can rectify the issue in a moment.

How much does it cost to fix a tire with bolt in it?

Fixing a tire pierced with a bolt costs around $10 – $20. However, the cost depends on the extent of the hole in the tire. You may not have to spend so much if you can handle the repair personally. This is because much of the repair cost is channeled to labor.

Meanwhile, you may need to get a new tire replacement if the damage is too severe. A new tire can cost around $50 – $150 for an inexpensive option, $150 – $300 for a moderate option, and $300 – $1,000 for a high-end option.


Driving with a bolt in tire tread is not ideal, irrespective of whether or not you notice any challenges. It is crucial to be safety conscious at all times. That’s why you should always have a spare tire in your vehicle.

Once you identify a bolt stuck in a tire, simply pull over and park in a safe spot. Then, carefully replace the tire with the spare option. Then, you can fix the punctured tire later.


Mr. Shafiqule Islam is a graduated Mechanical Engineer and has more than 15 years experience of repairing and maintenance of different brand vehicles like Toyota, Mitsubishi, Ford, Mercedes, BMW etc. He is also giving training to Mechanics. He has started writing to share his practical knowledge to Vehicle Owners, Drivers and Mechanics to keep their cars at best fit.

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