Privacy Policy

Imagine visiting a website and getting disappointed for not finding the right thing. Therefore, our job is to know your desire to the fully and supply you with the most appropriate products.

We,, tend to know your interests and implement that into our system for better business planning and customer satisfaction. But some might feel insecure about delivering their personal information to the outside party.

That’s why we created this privacy policy to help you understand how we make the best use of your stats. Do not worry! Your secrets are safe with us!

Our website does not sell your personal information such as mail address, password, first name, or last name to the local third-party programmers. Also, there is no risk of hacking into your social media accounts like Facebook or Instagram.

Data Collection

Data collection falls into many categories. They are:

  • Personal Data
  • Usage Data
  • Cookies

This process mainly focuses on developing the website to increase its rank. The operator in front of a computer monitors the number of time visitors spend on vehicle fixing.

Not only this, but they also categorize specific amazon affiliate posts in which the visitors had the most interest. After careful observation and classification, those posts are given extra care to attract more visitors.

Data processing is done in two cascade systems – Data Controller and Data Processor.

A Data Controller is a person or group who collects all the sets of personal information or other data and determines their purposes.

Data processor, along with all the other programmers, maintains a secure archive where all the personal information you throw at us will be contained with no possibility of a cyber-attack.

Personal Information Protection

It is prevalent that once you are a customer of our services, you might have to open an account to help us guide you through all the updates. Therefore, asking for username, password, date of birth, or other personal questions is mandatory.

We later use these sets of information to contact you for our marketing or promotional materials. By using the unsubscribe link or instructions in every email we send you, you can choose not to receive any or all of these communications from us.


Cookies data are considered to be an online tracking mechanism for us. Whenever you visit our website, we will send you cookies to the browser you are using, which is saved on your device.

These tracking devices help us to understand more about your online activities, which allows us to grow our business and find more ways to gather more customers like you.

Well, if you do not want to feel this much exposure to our system, you can always turn off the cookie request from your browser. But, we must say the cookie request is mandatory on most websites, and our is no different.

If there is no access to cookies from you, then you can not roam through our website.

Usage Data

We will also monitor your actions through your IP address, browser type, and version. This access allows us to review the protocol over your time spent on our website and the particular time and date you visited our website.

Third-Party Websites

Vehicle Fixingalso includes third-party websites to take part in our business. In this way, both websites benefit from profit and hence result in more visitors. As an Amazon affiliate-based website, our blog posts are mainly based on reviews of various Amazon products.

We are not in charge of delivering the products. Amazon directly delivers you the product. Likewise, others send postal emails, analyze data, and, most importantly, provide excellent customer service.

These outside service providers have access to the personal data required to carry out their duties, but they are not permitted to use it for other reasons.

Google Advertising

Another source of the third party is the advertising companies. All the personal information that we collect from your visitors daily is securely passed on to renowned advertising companies.

We allow those ad companies to feature on our website based on your interest. You might be familiar with a situation where you tend to find an exciting offer from an ad while reading a vlog post from a website.

Amazon Affiliate Disclosure

An affiliate link is similar to any other link on the Internet, except it includes a tracking code that allows the affiliate network to know when a customer clicks through from our website.

We receive a modest affiliate fee if the click results in a sale. However, it is crucial to remember that your cost remains the same. You will not incur any additional charges; this is only a method for businesses to thank our website for directing people their way and resulting in a transaction.

Product Reviews

Amazon affiliate websites are mainly consisting of reviews of numerous products from Amazon. Each website focuses on one type of product. attaches the product link along with the review.

The review section contains all the generic information you need to make a suitable purchase for your house, garage, sports, etc. Furthermore, the more time spent on each review is recorded by the controllers of our website.

This record time will let us know about your interest. Additionally, if you have made a purchase reading the blog from our post, this may rank us higher and obtain a small commission from Amazon.

Children Privacy Act

As all the products associated with this website are from Amazon, they do not allow purchasing actions for children. You can purchase children’s toys, but that purchase has to be done by an adult for simplicity.

If you are under 18, our suggestion will be to visit our website with an adult guiding you through every hard decision. Without the parent or legal guardian of a child under age 18, we do not knowingly gather personal information from the kid.


This disclaimer informs visitors that we are members of the Amazon Associate Program, which means we will receive a considerable amount of commission if customers use our website to purchase Amazon goods.

Our process of commission is as follows:

  • Posts blog about different Amazon products.
  • Link the visitors to the Amazon homepage.
  • We wait for the visitors to buy a product that we recommended from our blog.
  • Hence, we receive a commission.

Having a disclaimer is essential for Amazon affiliate websites like ourselves. The primary function of a disclaimer is to:

  • Boost the public’s faith and confidence in your platform
  • Gain more consumer loyalty
  • Encourage fair marketing and competitiveness

GDPR Policy

Please contact us if you want to know what personal data we have of you and if you want it deleted from our systems.

There are some data protection rights that you might use under some specific conditions. They are as follows:

  • Obliteration or Update

You have the right to see what data we hold about you and ask for its erasure or updating. You always have direct access to and can request the erasure of your information from within the account settings option. Please reach out to us so we can help you if you cannot complete these tasks independently.

  • Rectification

You have the ability to rectify if any of your information is incorrect or lacking; you have the right to get it corrected. If there’s any objection regarding how illegally we are using your personal information, contact us immediately and demand a correction.

  • Privacy Violation

You also have the right to ask us to stop using your personal information for specific purposes. With all the information we gather from you, it is logical to provide you with additional freedom.

  • Agreement

You have the right to have a copy of the data we hold about you that is organized, machine-readable, and generally accepted as acceptable.

Please be conscious that before responding to such queries, we will need you for the verification process.

Regarding how we collect and use your personal data, you have the right to file a complaint with a data protection authority. If we ever cross such boundaries, please contact your local data protection authority to put severe charges on us.

Furthermore, if you visit our website, it already means that we are accessing your personal information. This is because:

  • We have a deal to fulfill with you.
  • The processing is permitted by your consent and is in our legitimate interests, which do not conflict with your rights.
  • To abide by the law

Legal Aspect

If you violate the terms of service on our website, or if you may be intentionally causing harm or interference with our rights or property, we reserve the right to disclose your Personal Information as required by law or under other circumstances that make us believe that unveiling this personal information is for greater goods. In either case, we’re ready to bring legal action against you.

Update Privacy Policy

To maintain the maximum protection level of our visitor’s information on our website, it is essential to update the privacy policy. As a matter of fact, vehicle fixing continuously updates the privacy policy, and we will suggest keeping an eye on our website for the updated version.

Other than that, if you are a regular visitor to our website, it’s our prime job to notify you through email. When you read the new privacy policy, you will also notice the last modification date so you can keep track of our website’s policy.

Sometimes, emailing all the visitors is not feasible, and not to mention, it is quite a hassle. Our suggestion will be to check for any privacy policy updates because the modified version significantly affects the whole website.