How to Check Torque Wrench Accuracy?

You can check the torque wrench accuracy yourself; all you need is the right tools. You can use easy-to-use tools to check the torque wrench’s accuracy. They include a torque loading bench and a torque analyzer.

After testing your torque tool accuracy and seeing it is inaccurate, you need to calibrate the tool. It would help if you took it to a professional to get the calibration or repair done on the wrench.

how to check torque wrench accuracy

How to Check Torque Wrench Accuracy

To check the torque wrench accuracy, you must ensure the wrench is calibrated. A properly calibrated wrench will get you an accurate torque. Testing the wrench is what you need to know whether or not it is properly calibrated.

There are many ways to check the torque wrench, and you need the right tools. Numerous tools are available for you to test a torque tool. Some of the devices may include a torque loading bench and torque analyzer.

Torque loading bench

This tool is easy to use and provides fast and accurate torque wrench calibration. Below is how to use these tools.

1. Place the loader on a stable bench or flat surface where it cannot move. Ensure the surface is not sloppy.

2. Find the transducer and place the torque wrench on it. It is connected to the loading bench.

3. To have more accuracy, use the presetting position to eliminate the accidental adjustment.

4. Loading is made more straightforward due to the handle that drives clockwise and anti-clockwise.

5. Proceed to slide the assembly device into the reaction bar. The bar has enough space to contain the torque wrench.

6. Select the least capacity torque transducer.

7. Make sure that the wrench handle aligns with the reaction bar.

8. Place the torque wrenches on the square-shaped drive of the transducer.

9. For the support spindle to react against the hand position of the wrench, slide the loading assembly along the reaction bar.

10. Ensure that the wrench has a good amount of motion and a square-drive ratchet.

11. Properly position the wrench so that it takes a horizontal position.

12. Secure the clamp plate.

13. Turn the handle gently to place the load on the wrench.

14. Attach the torque transducer to a display device to have an accurately applied torque. It will show if the wrench has the proper calibration.

Torque Analyzer

The torque analyzer is more of a digital device that is also easy to use. It has a display screen that shows whether the wrench is accurately calibrated. Some torque analyzers are linked to other torque sensors, allowing them to conduct multiple torque wrench tests.
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Depending on the analyzer you have, some may not require that it be placed on a flat surface. You should read the manual before using it. Below are steps on how to check torque wrench calibration.

1. Check the menu screen; it should show options such as quick test, setup, mode, and more.

2. Input a reasonable amount of force input to the analyzer.

3. The input is sent to an indicator. This places the highest amount of torque reading till it is set to zero.

4. The reading on the scale of the wrench will be displayed against the reading on the tester.

5. Monitor the analyzer prompts to get the proper calibration on the wrench.

6. The analyzer will show if the wrench needs calibration. You can also upload the reading result to your computer.

With these two tools, you can quickly learn how to check a torque wrench. But the torque analyzer provides much easier torque testing.

Do Torque Wrenches Need To Be Calibrated?

Yes, your torque wrench will need calibration regularly, depending on how frequently you use the wrench for tightening wheel nuts or bolts. Knowing when to calibrate the wrench will help you keep your torque accurate and allow you to correct the performance of the torque at the appropriate time.

Where Can I Get My Torque Wrench Calibrated

You can quickly get your torque wrench at a torque calibration laboratory. Due to the complexity and instruments required to calibrate tools, you are not advised to do it yourself.

Finding the proper torque calibration laboratory can be tasking, as many available ones do not meet ISO standards regarding torque tools. As they have limited equipment, making it difficult for them to calibrate all torque tools. They might also need the appropriate measuring tools, which limits the amount of torque they can test.

In addition, you need a well-equipped laboratory that can calibrate all kinds of torque tools. An appropriate laboratory should be familiar with all types of torque tools and will be able to calibrate and repair them if necessary.

When searching for a reliable Torque calibrating Laboratory or Services, you should search for full-service torque calibration and repairs. Laboratory like this is rare to find, but they do exist. You can find services like this, mainly with companies that manufacture the torque tool. They can meet all the standards, and since they manufacture these tools, they have the necessary tools to have them repaired and calibrated.

Manufacturers also have the proper knowledge about torque wrench calibration and repair, which makes it quite impossible to make a mistake with your wrench. You should contact the manufacturer to help with your torque wrench setting or calibration. You will receive information on how you can receive their services.

How Much Is Torque Wrench Calibration Cost?

Getting your torque calibrated will cost between $30 and $200. The cost depends on the type of wrench that needs calibrating and the torque capacity. Some torque wrenches are built to have different capabilities; this is why there is a domestic and industrial wrench. An industrial wrench will cost more to calibrate when compared to a domestic torque wrench used for spark plugs.

Another influencing factor when it comes to wrench calibration cost is where you calibrate torque tools. Manufacturers offer a less expensive service when compared to other torque calibration service providers.

How Often Should You Calibrate A Torque Wrench?

The time cycle to have your wrench calibrated is after every 12 months, which is every 5,000 cycles. However, the time you should get the wrench calibrated depends on how often you use it. It is why you should stick with every 5,000 cycles.

torque wrench settings

Should You Put A Torque Wrench Back To Zero?

No, you should never wind the wrench of your vehicle to Zero, as it can affect the calibration of the wrench. If you adjust the calibration, it should be a maximum of 20%.  

Usually, people are tempted to rewind their torque to zero after use. There is a minimum scale setting after use depending on where or what you use the wrench for. If you consistently wind the torque to zero after every use, you may need to calibrate the wrench after a short while.


It is essential to check the torque wrench regularly; a bad torque wrench will give inaccurate torque, which would not be suitable for your vehicle. You need the appropriate tool to check the torque wrench regularly. By doing this, you will know when your instrument needs to be calibrated.

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