How to Fix Electric Car Charger? The Effective Steps

Electric cars are gradually taking over the automotive industry, with more manufacturers transitioning to producing their own EV versions.

However, most people are still skeptical about buying an electric car due to their contemplations about the battery and charger reliability. Meanwhile, most EV owners prefer to install a charger at home instead of using a commercial charging station. 

Unfortunately, home chargers require repair more often than commercial charging points. Not to worry, this post will teach you how to fix electric car charger.

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Why Is My Electric Car Charger Not Working?

Before delving into how to fix car charger, let’s look at a couple of reasons why an electric charger may not work.

Cable connection issue

A cable connection issue is the primary reason why your electric car charger is not working. If the cable is not properly inserted or gets stuck, you will most likely experience difficulty charging your EV.

The cable issue can be around the power source area or the charging port in the car. This is not a severe issue to make you panic.

Battery health

Battery health may be another culprit if your car charger doesn’t work. EV batteries are designed to last long. However, the battery’s capacity to hold charge gradually declines as they get older.

However, different factors can affect your electric car battery over time. For instance, if you charge the battery fully beyond the recommended maximum (usually 80%) more often, it can cause a decline in the capacity over time.

The same applies to draining your EV battery completely. That’s why manufacturers and EV experts recommended keeping the battery’s state of charge around 20% (minimum) to 80% (maximum). This is a significant EV maintenance practice.

In-car delay timer

The in-car delay timer allows you to set a specific charge time for your electric car. While this feature can be advantageous at some point, it can also hinder your EV charger from working when you plug it in at odd hours.

You should check if this is the case to quickly disable the setting so that the charger can power your electric vehicle.

How to Fix Electric Car Charger

Before opting for an EV charger repair, verify if the challenge is related to any of the issues stated above and do the following to troubleshoot the problem.

Unplug and reinsert the charger cable

If you notice that a cable connection issue is the reason why your electric car charger is not working, ensure to unplug the charger and re-plug it firmly. 

Also, ensure the cable is securely connected to the power source. Once you are sure of the connections, go ahead and verify if the charger is now working.

Diagnose/repair faulty battery

If you’re sure your cable connection is okay and the problem is from the battery, kindly take a moment to inspect and diagnose the battery. 

In case you have a faulty battery or one that has declined very well, ensure to repair or replace the component immediately.

Deactivate the in-car delay timer

Turning off the in-car delay timer can help you fix the electric car charger issue. If you drive a Tesla Model 3, go to your EV touchscreen and tap Control > Charging > Switch to Scheduled charging. Then, toggle the switch to turn it off.

Repair/replace EV charger

Finally, if you’re certain that none of the issues above are affecting your electric car charger and that a major fault may be responsible, it would be best to contact a professional EV charger electrician to diagnose the charger and fix it as soon as possible.

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How Do I Check My Car Charging System?

If you suspect a defective charging system in your electric car due to symptoms like failure to charge, slow charging, etc., carefully follow this guide to check your electric car’s charging system.

Locate the charging port

Electric car charging ports are designed at various locations, depending on the EV manufacturer. 

For instance, Tesla charging ports are usually sited at the rear-left side of the vehicle. Some EVs have their charging ports on the left side towards the front. 

However, ensure to follow your owner’s manual to identify the correct location of your electric car charging port. Carefully inspect the port to ensure there are no contaminants around the area.

Inspect the charger cable

If you use a Toyota level 2 charger, it is vital to note that it is normal for your EV charging to move from fast charging at a lower state of charge to slow charging once the state of charge attains a higher level up to around 80%.

However, if you’re experiencing a charging issue and the above situation is not the case, inspect the charger cable. Verify if the cable is well inserted in the charging port. You may want to unplug and reinsert the cable into the charging port more accurately.

Check for charging-related software functions

Now, carefully check if any charging-related software function is activated. Most of these operations can be complex to handle; hence, it is important to consult a professional electric car electrician to perform the operations on your EV to avoid any costly electric car problems.


Understanding how to fix electric car charger is an essential skill. It can save you from being stranded.

If you notice any minor issue that you can easily fix, take some time to fix the issue carefully. However, if the problem appears to be complex, feel free to contact your EV electrician to diagnose and fix the problem immediately.

Fixing an electric car charger or any other component may be relatively technical to handle, especially if need to be trained for the job. Therefore, avoid fixing complex issues in your electric car, as it would be best to consult an expert EV electrician.


Mr. Shafiqule Islam is a graduated Mechanical Engineer and has more than 15 years experience of repairing and maintenance of different brand vehicles like Toyota, Mitsubishi, Ford, Mercedes, BMW etc. He is also giving training to Mechanics. He has started writing to share his practical knowledge to Vehicle Owners, Drivers and Mechanics to keep their cars at best fit.

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