Why is My Front Tire Smoking? Fixing Process

Smoking tires are not as strange as you may think. It may be natural or caused by failing parts in the tire, including the break. Either way, you should always take smoke from your tire seriously and diagnose it urgently.

I remember being approached by one of my clients with concern on his face, “why is my front tire smoking?” he asked. While I examined his car, I noticed the smoke was caused by heat generated from the braking system.

The smoke and burning smell could be from the front tire, either the left or right tire, or in some cases, both. In some extreme cases, wheel bearing smoking could be the case.

This article will examine the causes of smoking from the front tire, why you may smell burning tires, and how to fix this issue.

why is my front tire smoking

Why is my front tire smoking?

Sometimes, you find out that smoke is coming from a tire; this could be caused by factors that could be normal or signify other things. The surface of your tire is designed to be rough, and when it interacts with the road, friction is made, which can generate smoke. It is why car tire smoke during drifts or races happens often.

In a bad scenario, the problem could result from a fault in the parts of the wheel, which could be related to the brakes, wheel bearing, tire wear, and more.

Front tire smoke can also result from high brake fluid temperature, compromised rubber brake hoses, or driver error, leading to overheated brake pads. Exceeding the boiling point causes smoking, implicating issues with the brake caliper or master cylinder. Immediate attention is needed to prevent further damage and ensure safety.

Once your smoking tire is due to a failing part, the smoke coming from the tire could be constant and lead to severe damage to other parts of the tire. 

Why does the tire smell like burning rubber?

Several reasons could cause your tire to smell like burning rubber. The tires are made from rubber materials, which means when you smell the burning rubber smell coming from the tire, it could mean it is exposed to high temperature caused by friction in the tire surface and resulted in vibration.

When the question pops, why is my tire smoking? Just know that your tire is at a high temperature caused by extreme friction.

Below are reasons for a smoking tire or why your tire smells like burning rubber.

1. Failing Brake System

All braking systems make use of brake pads. The brake pads press down on the wheel, slowing the tire down. When the brake pad is wearing off, it will require you to press the brake pedal harder, which could cause increased friction and overheating in the tire, resulting in smoke or a burning smell from the tire.

2. Wheel Bearing

A damaged bearing could cause a burning smell from the tires. The wheel bearing is the part of the wheel that links the wheel to the axle. If this is the cause of your burning smell coming from the tire, you have a serious problem that needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

3. Tire Wear

As you continue to use your tire, wear and tear are bound to happen.  As the tire generates more tire wear, the more heat. When the tire wears to a certain level, the heat generated will be so much, which could cause the tire to give a burning smell.

4. Low Hydraulic fluid

The hydraulic fluid is essential for the brake to function correctly. It powers the brakes with the use of fluid power to transmit the level of pedal force to the brake pads.

Once the hydraulic fluid is low, the brake pad is stuck in a position that could lead to overheating in the wheels.

These are the primary cause of the burning smell coming from the tire. If the causes are not properly fixed, it could lead to more severe problems like one tire fire, car smoking from the front, and more.

Is tire smoking risky?

Tire smoke can be risky. Many times when smoke coming out of the front tire or even when all tires are smoking, it means that there is an underlying problem with the tire or wheel in general.

For instance, if the reason for your tire smoking is due to wear in the tire, it could be dangerous for you when driving. If your tire is seriously worn out, it could lead to a blown-out or shredded tire. If you are speeding, it could cause you to lose control of the car or leave you in a difficult situation.

In addition, smoking tires can increase the risk of tires catching fire. As we mentioned earlier, smoke coming from the tire is majorly due to increased friction in tires; this increase in the friction tires can cause increased heat, which, if not checked, can lead to burning tires.  

Causes of wheel smoking You Tube

How to fix a smoking tire?

To fix a smoking tire, you will have to diagnose properly to determine the cause of the problem. Once the cause has been found, it would be easier to fix it. If a proper diagnosis is not made, it will be a game of trial and error.

To do this, you will have to properly examine every part of the wheel that could cause the tire to smoke. Once you find the cause, then you can go ahead to fix the problem.

If the problem is due to a failing brake pad, you can quickly fix the problem by changing the brake pad. Once the brake pad is changed, the friction and heat in the tire will reduce. Also, if the problem is due to hydraulic fluid, top up the fluid.

Furthermore, if the cause of the smoke from the tire is due to wear in the tire, you need to have the tire changed immediately to avoid more problems with the wheel. However, when the cause of smoke from your vehicle’s tire is due to a wheel bearing issue, it is a more serious issue. You will need to have the hub replaced.

Can I drive my car if it smells like burning?

You should avoid driving your vehicle when your tire smells like it is burning. It indicates something is seriously wrong with the tire and needs to be fixed. If you ignore the burning smell and continue driving, you might have a severe problem with your wheel.

Many people have lost their vehicles to fire which started as a burning smell from the tire, which they chose to ignore.

Is it normal for the front wheels to get hot?

It is not normal for your front wheel to be hot. When you find your front wheel hot, it could be a brake problem. It could be that your brake pad is stuck on the wheel and constantly rubbing on it, causing heat to build up while driving.

Other wheel problems can cause the wheel to get hot. When you notice this, you must have the wheel checked for any failing parts.


Whenever you are wondering why the tire for my car is smoking, know that it is most likely a problem related to the wheel. The problem could affect the front right tire or the left, and it could even affect all tires. When you notice the problem, get your tires checked immediately.

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