How to Remove a Destroyed Oil Filter?

When your oil filter gets destroyed, you need to change it immediately. Before you do so, you need to get the right tools to remove the broken filter. Not all tools can remove a broken oil filter; you need to recognize the right tool to remove the filter parts until it is entirely out.

how to remove a destroyed oil filter

Coupled with getting the right tool, you need to know the proper steps regarding how to remove a destroyed oil filter without causing further damage.

Tools Needed To Remove Oil Filter

Removing a destroyed oil filter can sometimes be tricky, especially when you need the right tools. Many people have complained that the lubricant filter will not just come off, which is why many refuse to change their engine oil themselves.

Whenremoving a filter, you need a proper tool that makes the removal process straightforward. It is why we will be recommending some tools for you to make the process less complicated.

1. End cap oil filter wrench

This tool is attached to the top of the oil filter, and you can give the filter a good spin; it will be off in no time. One disadvantage of this tool is that it could do better with a lube filter stuckin place. When using the equipment in this situation, all you will get is spinning and no result.

2. Oil filter wrench

The oil filter wrench or the end cap remover can come with 3 claws. The claws reach out to the bottom of the filter and get tighter as you twist it. Unlike the end cap filter wrench, this can easily remove stuck or crushed oil filters. You will have to attach the tool to a socket wrench.

3. Filter plier

Another tool you could use is the filter plier, which looks exactly like a plier. It comes with a curved mouth. It is a must-get, and there is almost no type of filter that this tool cannot remove. One thing about this tool is that it would cause damaged oil filters. It will leave a dent in it and, in some cases, might cause holes.

4. Chain Wrenches

This tool might be the one for you for oil filter stuck on carand has become hard to remove. They sometimes come with handles. It has a chain attached to it, and is perfect for larger filters. It can be used to remove the cover of the cartridge type of filter.

The wrench comes in two types, the chain, and the clothes. The chain is stronger and last longer but can cause severe damage to the filter. It will crush the filter to get the correct grip. The cloth type is used to get the filter out with minimum damage. 

5. Oil filter strap wrench

This type of oil filter wrench comes with a swivel handle, making filter removal much easier. It is straightforward and can be used for different filters; all you have to do is slip it in over the filter and twist. It is not proper for filters that air welded onto the vehicles.

When removing the oil strainer, ensure that you have your wrench socket, as many of these tools cannot be used without it.

How to Remove a Destroyed Oil Filter

A destroyed filter can be challenging to remove without the proper steps, technique, and the broken oil filter removal tool. Below are some easy-to-follow steps to remove a damaged oil filter.

Removing Damaged Oil Filter You Tube

1. The first thing to do is drain the vehicle’s oil. To do this, you need to start the vehicle and allow the engine to warm up a little; this will allow the oil to flow better. Then proceed to jack the vehicle, locate the drain plug, place a drain pan under the plug, unplug and watch the oil drain into the pan.

2. Get your tools ready; in this case, we will use an end cap oil filter wrench. Because the filter is already broken or damaged, this could be the best tool for you. You must find the right size for your filter if you have the kit.

3. You could also use a strap wrench if the damage is too complicated for the end cap filter wrench. The strap wrench is not limited to any size of the filter, as it can be adjusted to fit any filter. You have to use more force when using this tool because it could easily get loosened.

4. You can try any of the tools listed above and stick to the one that best suits you.

5. The best way to remove a broken or destroyed oil filter is to take out the parts of the filter one by one.

6. You will have to start with the oil filter cap. Use the filter wrench to loosen the cap. Use a screwdriver to loosen all bolts you come across and carefully remove parts with your hands. 

Causes of a Damaged Oil Filter

When you have a damaged oil filter, you need to find out the cause. There are majorly two reasons why the oil filter could get damaged. The first is how much you tighten the lube filter. You should not tighten the filter too much, or it will get stuck, and when removing the filter, it could get damaged.

The second reason your lube filter won’t come off and will get damaged in the removal process is the use of the wrong tools. You can damage your filter when using the wrong tools. You will also not be able to remove the filter. Find the right tool that fits your filter correctly before proceeding with the process.


Can You Remove An Oil Filter With Your Hand?

It might just come off if the filter was hand screwed in when installed. Removing the filter requires a lot of force, which can only be achieved using the appropriate tools. In most cases, the filter is fixed with the use of tools and will not come out when you use your bare hands to attempt to remove it. It is best to get the appropriate tools to help get the filter out.

What Happens If Oil Filter Is Damaged?

A damaged oil filter will not allow engine oil to flow through the engine parts properly. It will serve as a blockage. If it is not changed immediately, it will cause increased friction in the engine parts, which could lead to overheating or car shut off. Take care of it to prevent parts of the engine from failing.

Can You Drive With A Destroyed Oil Filter?

You should avoid driving with a broken or destroyed filter. The engine needs adequate oil flowing through the engine parts when being driven. When this does not happen, your engine could overheat or fail. It is because the filter could obstruct oil flow from the reservoir to other parts of the vehicle.

removing a destroyed oil filter

Can A Car Run Without An Oil Filter?

Your vehicle will run, but it could encounter problems after driving. The oil filter protects the oil from contaminants, such as dirt, metal fragments, and more. Once this contaminant gets to the oil, it could reduce its lubricating power. Contaminants like metal fragments could also be dangerous to the engine.

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