Which Side of Spare Tire Faces Out?

It is essential to consider which side of spare tire faces out when fixing the spare tire. People should correct their mistakes regarding how to put spare tires on a vehicle. There is a unique way to mount your spare tire correctly and efficiently. The valve stem should always face outward to fit it properly.

which side of spare tire faces out

Which Way Does a Spare Tire Go On?

One way to know which side of a spare tire faces out is through the valve stem. The valve stem should face outward while installed on the vehicle. It is an integral part of the tire you use to keep it inflated. It is where you add or remove air from the tire. It is also where you put the tire gauge to measure the air pressure in the tire.

You can fix the spare tire wrongly because of how the tire is structured. It is designed to look almost alike on both sides, but it is not.

If you want to know what side of the tire faces out, you must first locate the valve stem on the tire. Once you have found it, the part of the tire valve is where it will face the outside. The tire is placed wrongly if you cannot find the stem valve facing outward. 

How to Change a Flat Tire?

Changing a flat tire is easier than you think; it will take 10 to 15 minutes. It is challenging because they need to learn the proper steps to get this done, so they need more time to replace the tire.

Below are the steps that will guide you on how to put spare tire on a car within a few minutes easily. Before you go on to replace the tire, you should first get the necessary tools needed to get the tire to replace it.

The tools needed to replace your flat tire with a spare, dummy tire, or whatever type of tire you want to replace it with.

  • Jack
  • Spare or Donut wheel 
  • Lug wrench
  • Tire block

Step 1:

The first thing you must do is find an excellent location to park your vehicle. You must ensure that the place you are parking is not a sloped road and it is safe from oncoming cars. If you are parking at the side of the road, please use a reflective triangle.

Step 2:

Switch off the engine and turn on the hazard light which will help you warn oncoming vehicles that you are parked.

Step 3:

Apply the parking brake.

Step 4:

Use a tire block and place it on the front wheels to ensure they do not move while the tire is being changed.

Install Spare Tire You Tube

Step 5:

If your vehicle uses of a wheel cover, remove it. It is better to remove the cover before lifting the car.

Step 6:

Loosen the lug nuts using the wrench. All vehicles come with a wrench. Ensure you only loosen the lug partially; you could turn the lug around about halfway.

Step 7:

You can now place the jack and start lifting. Ensure the jack is placed at the frame of the vehicle.

Step 8:

After the vehicle has been appropriately jacked, unscrew the lug nuts completely.

Step 9: 

Remove the flat tire and place thespare tire on car wheel. Put in the lugs and tighten them by hand. Then tighten it using the wrench.

Step 10:

Lower the vehicle and use a wrench to tighten the lugs once more

how to install spare tire on car

Step 11:

Clear up your tools and place them in the appropriate place in the boot. 

How to Put Spare Tire Back Under Car?

Removing your spare tire from under the car is easy, but returning the tire back under the car could be tricky. However, it is easier than you think. It requires the same step as removing the tire with some adjustments.

You can place your tire back under the car with accurate steps.


  1. Place the tire under the vehicle, facing where the tire is going to be placed.
  2. Ensure that the valve stem is facing upwards.
  3. You can then open the truck of your vehicle and fix the extension rod into the hole leading to the lowering mechanism.
  4. Use the extension rod to lower the tire hoist to the position.
  5. Place the tire hoist into the hole or space at the center of the tire rim and ensure it is fitted well.
  6. Lift the tire back into position by rotating the extension rod.
  7. Once this is done, put every piece of equipment back into appropriate areas in the trunk.

Are Spare Tires Directional?

Most spare tires are made to be the direction. It means that the spare tire orientation is not unidirectional, which means it can only move in one direction. The tire tread is designed to keep it this way, but the good thing about this is it functions better in the rain because the thread keeps directing the water away from the tire.

Its design is why when you put those on in the wrong direction, tire easily gets damaged or worn out. 

You can easily recognize if your spare tire is directional by the inscription on the tire wall. Your spare tire is directional if an arrow points to one side alone.

Can You Put A Spare Tire On Backwards?

It would be best if you did not fix the spare tire backward, as it could quickly damage it. Most spare tires are directional tires, which means they come with a specific thread type, one-directional. If the tire is placed wrongly, particular features, like directing water away from the tire, will be less effective.

When the tire is placed wrongly, it will experience quick wear, its handling will be bad, and there will be noise coming from the tire. It is essential to pay attention to the direction of your spare tire when mounting it on your vehicle. Ensure that the valve is facing outward.

How Long Can You Drive On A Spare Tire?

Spare tires are not made to be driven for an extended period, hence the name extra tire. They are made for emergencies and should be driven for at most 50 miles. The tires are made to have a different quality of thread and material than the main tires of your vehicle, and it is why the tire should only be driven for a short time. Otherwise, you will face vibration while driving.

If you compare the size of the full-sized tire, you will see that there is a vast difference. Also, the rims of spare tires are not meant to carry heavy loads for so long.


Which way does a donut go on? Tires are made to have a particular thread pattern that supports a specific movement. When the spare tire direction is wrong, your tire is at risk of severe wear and bad handling. Ensure which side of spare tire faces out by paying attention to the tire valve. Confirm it is facing outward.

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