How Long Does It Take To Precondition Tesla Battery?

Although several auto manufacturers have emerged as key players in the EV market, Tesla stands out among its contemporaries. Tesla electric cars are built with sophisticated technology that delivers a top-notch driving experience.

The preconditioning system is an exceptional feature that sets the EV apart from some of its competitors. This feature significantly boosts the electric car’s range, reduces the charging time, and enhances the battery’s lifespan.

If you just joined the list of proud owners of a Tesla EV, there’s a tendency that you’re contemplating, “How long does it take to precondition Tesla battery?” That’s what this article is about. Sit back and read on.

tesla battery preconditioning

What is Battery Preconditioning?

Before discussing the duration of the preconditioning process, let’s first understand what battery preconditioning is. Preconditioning is a process wherein the battery is prepared for optimal performance, especially before fast charging or during cold weather conditions. During preconditioning, the battery is heated or cooled to reach a temperature that is conducive to optimal performance and efficiency. This is crucial because the battery’s efficiency and lifespan can be affected significantly by temperature fluctuations.

Factors Affecting Preconditioning Time

The time it takes to precondition a Tesla battery can depend on several factors, including:

1. Battery State: A battery that has been stationary for an extended period might take longer to precondition compared to one that has been recently used.

2. Ambient Temperature: The outside temperature plays a significant role in determining the preconditioning time. In colder climates, it might take longer to bring the battery up to the optimal temperature.

3. Vehicle Model: Different Tesla models may have variations in their preconditioning protocols and times.

4. Charging State: The current state of charge of the battery can influence the preconditioning time.

How Long Does It Take To Precondition Tesla Battery?

Tesla strongly recommends that you use 30 – 45 minutes to precondition your EV’s battery before arriving at a charging point to optimize the battery’s temperature and charging conditions.

Meanwhile, if the trip from your current location to a charging station is less than the recommended time, ensure to precondition the battery before driving.

The Tesla battery preconditioning helps to bring the EV’s high-voltage battery to an optimal temperature level before charging or starting the car. This feature enhances the vehicle’s range, boosts the charging speed, and generally extends the battery life.

Tesla Model S is built with Trip Planner software that the driver can use to navigate to the nearest Tesla charging point.

When engaged, the Trip Planner triggers the EV to pre-heat the high-voltage battery to a point where it is optimized to a temperature that prepares it for charging. This helps to reduce the time it will take to charge Tesla.

Preconditioning battery for fast charging is not the only benefit of this feature in Tesla. Preconditioning also helps you maintain optimum range during cold weather. For instance, when snow accumulates on your car during winter, it may require more power to warm up as you drive.

So, preconditioning helps you save some energy within the initial few miles because the battery has been warmed up to deliver improved performance. However, preconditioning your Tesla before driving or charging is not a yardstick. The exercise simply provides energy conservation and battery efficiency.

How to Precondition Tesla Battery

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Preconditioning your Tesla battery can be done automatically and manually. The car is built with a technology that automatically kicks in preconditioning.

However, in a case where this is not programmed, you can precondition the battery manually. Let’s delve into the three simple methods on how to precondition Tesla battery.

Option 1: Set your Tesla navigation to a supercharger

Setting your Tesla navigation to a supercharger will enable the preconditioning exercise to kick in automatically as you approach the location of the charging point. The Model S comes with Trip Planner software that enables you to program this function.

So, you don’t have to lift a finger for your Model S to precondition the battery to an ideal temperature level before charging. The preconditioning will usually commence around 30 – 45 minutes before arriving at the charging spot. The time can be shorter in other cases; however, this depends on the weather condition.

To set the Trip Planner, touch the settings icon on the map on your dashboard. Then, click on Trip Planner. Once enabled, the software will display a list of supercharger stops alongside the turn-by-turn direction.

The software will also show the recommended charging times for each supercharger and the energy level that will be available when you arrive at the charging location.

Option 2: Set your Tesla schedule departure function

Schedule departure is a feature that enables you to program the time you intend to leave for a trip. Once programmed, your Tesla will start preconditioning the battery as you approach the scheduled time of departure.

To activate this function, simply go to Controls > Charging > Schedule. Then, you can set the departure time. After that, click on settings and switch the Preconditioning on.

The schedule departure function is also available in the Tesla app. All you need to do is to click on Schedule > Departure. Then, set your desired departure time and turn on Preconditioning.

So, ensure to use the option that is easy for you and readily available to program your schedule departure to precondition your Tesla high-voltage battery.

Option 3: Engage the Tesla climate control system

Thirdly, the EV’s climate control system can also help you to precondition Tesla battery.

The air conditioning system triggers this function. When you turn on the AC or set the system to Defrost Car, either of the two options will start preconditioning the battery immediately.

You can either engage the climate control system in the car or through your Tesla app. If you’re in the car, simply click on display temperature at your Tesla touchscreen’s bottom left or right.

Meanwhile, if you’re not in the car, ensure to use your app. Go to climate and switch on the function to activate the system. Alternatively, to engage Defrost mode, simply go to “Climate.” After that, swipe up and click on “Defrost Car.”

Once you activate the climate control system or Defrost mode, your Tesla will start the battery preconditioning process immediately even charging tesla in rain. This also doubles as one of the significant Tesla cold weather tips.

Now that you understand how to precondition Tesla battery for charging, you can enjoy your electric car’s improved range, enhanced performance, as well as swift charging.

Advantages of Tesla Battery Preconditioning

The preconditioning function in Tesla electric cars gives the brand an edge over some of its competitors. Meanwhile, the following are some of the advantages of Tesla preconditioning.

Optimal voltage level

Cold weather is an enemy of electric vehicles due to its impact on the battery’s performance and other related components. So, preconditioning your Tesla helps to sustain the battery’s voltage within an optimal level irrespective of the outside weather condition.

Better performance

While preconditioning Tesla battery helps to keep it at an optimum level, it further provides an increased range due to the amount of energy conservation that would have been expended in warming up the EV within the first few miles as you drive.

Extended battery life

Lastly, since the preconditioning function helps to sustain the battery voltage at an optimal level and reduces the workload of warming up the car actively on the road, you will eventually enjoy an extended battery life.


You don’t need to logically figure out the required time frame for preconditioning your Tesla super battery. Everything about preconditioning your EV’s high-voltage battery has been dealt with in this post.

So, if you know a new Tesla owner who’s confused and asking, “How long does it take to precondition Tesla battery?” Kindly recommend this article to them.


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