Who Makes Hi Run Tires?

Many people do not know who makes Hi run tires and where are they made. The tires are made by a company called Sutong Tire Resources Inc, which originated in China but played an active role in North America.

Hi-run tires include a wired variety of tire products that you can choose from to suit your vehicle needs. The good thing about them is that they are quite affordable.

who makes hi run tires

Who Makes Hi Run Tires

To answer the question of who makes hi-run tires is Sutong Tire Resources Inc. The company was established in 1993 and specialize in producing tire. They produce about 5 million tires yearly and continue to grow in production, sales, and innovations.

They also specialize in the utility and RV trailer industry, focusing on large national, independent retailers and major wholesalers in the tire market. By doing this, they can easily get quality tires to people worldwide.

Sutong currently has its headquarters in Hockley, Texas. It also has a total of 400,00 square feet of warehouse in Canada and the United States. They deliver their goods to all nations of the world, which means you can use their products even if you are outside Canada or the US.

In addition, they have a great portfolio of creating one of the largest aftermarket and original automobile parts across North America.

What Are Hi Run Tires?

Hi-Run tires originated in China in 1993 and produce RV tires, ATV golf carts, ST radial trailer tires, lawnmower tires, and more.

What makes them unique is that they have a wide variety of tires you can choose from to match your vehicle’s needs. Regardless of your vehicle’s category, they have tires for you and changing the tires is also easy. Hi-run tire produces three main tire types: Lawn and garden, trailer, and ATV or UTV tires.

Hi-run Tire Types

There are three types of tires that Hi-run produces, including the following.


If you are looking for tires that will be designed perfectly to suit all terrain you will be driving in, Hi-run tires also provide a wide variety. They provide both passenger and recreational tires. You can choose from their tires depending on whether you will use them off-road or on-road.

2. Law and Garden

Many people do not know this, but your garden equipment needs a specific make of tires to be able to work efficiently. The tread blocks are made to provide good traction on grasses and will provide minimal damage to your Lawn or gardening area.

3. Trailer

Hi-run tires produce 32 products designed to meet your trailer’s specific needs. Its tire products have great traction and are very reliable. It can lift heavy loads comfortably while still giving quality traction. You can use their tire for trailers, campers, flatbeds, and other types.

Are Hi Run Tires Tubeless?

Hi-run tires are tubeless tires, which help provide the quality you need in tires. With their tubeless design, they will be more durable and will require less maintenance.

Tubeless tires are becoming more and more popular, which is why Hi-run makes use of this design. It gives your tire many advantages over tubed tires, including a lesser chance of getting punctures, fewer leaks, and more.

Is It Worth To Use Hi-Run Tires?

Many questions have come up, like are hi run tires any good,or are they worth using? The answer is yes because many factors are considered in creating the tire.

Firstly, you will have to consider that they produce a wide range of tires that many tire producers do not offer. They have considered many scenarios where you will use your vehicle, trailer, or gardening equipment to ensure that a tire is produced to suit every scenario or circumstance. It will allow you to choose the best tire for your vehicle properly.

Secondly, their tires provide quality traction for their user, and you can see this in hi run tire reviews.The tread of each tire product is produced with the environment their customers will use in mind. It means that each tire comes with a unique design which reduces tire wear.

In addition, if you are still contemplating if the Hi-run tires are good, you should also consider the producers. The tire is produced by a company that has been operating since 1993 and produces over 5 million tires yearly. They have the best experience to help them produce the best tire for car users.

Hi-Run Tires Vs Carlisle

The hi-run tires vs. Carlisle have been a big debate, especially in the trailer tire industry. They are both known for creating some of the best and most affordable tires today.

Hi-run tire originates in China but functions in the USA and Canada,  providing quality tires for Lawn and gardens, ATVs/UTVs, and trailers. On the other hand, Carlisle tire provides services for a wider market, including agriculture, construction, and industrial tires.

Looking at their reviews, you will see that they are both worthy of recommendation.  

Who Manufactures Carlisle Trailer Tires?

Carlisle Trailer Tires are manufactured by Carlstar Group, specializing in producing tires and aftermarket wheel products. They have a comprehensive portfolio of products in agriculture, ATV/UTV, trailers, construction, and many more tire products. They focus on innovation and ingenuity in creating and delivering utility for your everyday and workday driving experience. 

Carlstar Group is also focused on creating original and aftermarket products, well-known among top manufacturers and aftermarket retailers in the tire industry.

Which Brand Of Tires Last The Longest?

Many tires are in the market, making it difficult for people to choose. If you are looking for a less expensive but long-lasting tire, you should consider the Hi-rn tires. They have tire products like thehi run hwy jk42, which has become popular among trailer users for its efficiency and durability.

Also, Carlisle tires are a good pick if you are also looking for affordable tires that will last long. The Carlisle tire Clinton tnis one of their popular products.

If you are looking for trailer tire brands that are affordable in the market and will last longer, you should consider the following.

1. Hi-run hwy jk42

2. Carlisle tire Clinton tn

3. Trailer King St Radial II

4. Freestar M-108

5. Hi Run Boat Trailer

where are hi run tires made


You are clear now, who makes Hi run tires? Hi-run tire is a great choice for those looking for an affordable tire that will last longer and provide them with quality services. It provides a wide range of tires to choose from that will suit your specific need.


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