Causes and Prevention of Wire Sticking Out Of Tire

Wire sticking out of tire indicates a bad tire that needs to be changed. When the wire begins to show, the last tread layer is worn out, and the rubber covering the wire is also wearing out. In a situation like this, the tire will have less traction.

If you continue using a tire with the wire showing, it will shred and lead to a blowout. It could be dangerous to other parts of the wheel, causing more damages to other parts of the car.

In this article, you will understand what it means to have wires showing on tires, the causes, remedies, and answers to some related questions.

wires coming out of tire

Wire sticking out of tire – what does it mean?

If wires sticking out of tire, it shows that the tire is worn out due to age and other factors. In such situations, the tire needs to be replaced immediately.

Many people believe that tires are made entirely of rubber, which is not true. Tires are carefully designed with many components to withstand the pressure they will face being used on-road or off-road.

In addition, the tire’s inner component comprises two beads running across the tire. The beads consist of steel wires that are coated with rubber. These still wires help the tires stay in shape even when exposed to extreme working conditions.

The steel string is covered by rubber coating layers, making it impossible to see the wire unless the tire is completely worn out.

Once you notice wire coming out of tire, it means the tire condition is terrible and has lost traction.

Also, you can get in trouble with the authorities with metal threads sticking out of tire. Every state has a minimum tread depth for each season. When wires come out of tire, there is a high chance that the vehicle will lose control, especially on wet or snowy roads.

Causes of wires coming out of tire

An old or expired tire is a significant cause of wire showing on tire. There are other factors that we will be looking at, and they include the following.

1. Driving with inadequate inflation

Depending on the type of tire you have or the car you are driving, there is a recommended level of inflation for the tire. Often, people with wire in tire coming out problems have an under-inflated or over-inflated tire.

Over-inflated tires are a lot stiff and stronger, and more rigid. The weight of the vehicle is concentrated at the center of the tire, increasing the wear in that area. You will also face vibration due to uneven tire.

On the other hand, under-inflation causes tire cords showing sidewall.The weight of the vehicle is concentrated on the sidewall of the tire. It causes the sidewall to get worn out faster than other parts of the tire.

Proper inflation will distribute the vehicle’s weight to all parts of the tire, allowing for even wear. When buying a tire, ensure to check its recommended psi. 

2. Using expired tires

An expired tire means the tire is being used past the recommended miles of usage by the manufacturer. In most cases, the tire is completely worn, exposing the steel wires in the tire.

No tire is designed to last forever; tires could last between 36,000 to 80,000 miles depending on the type of tire. When a tire is purchased, it comes with a recommended extent of use. Once the recommended usage period is crossed, the tire is in complete deterioration.

3. Low-quality tires

Many tire products are being sold, made from different materials. Tire products more popular in the market are made from more durable materials. It is the reason why people tend to trust the product more.

Less popular tire products are, in some cases, made from less durable materials. The structural integrity of the tire can also be questioned. However, not all less popular tire products are of low quality.

Low-quality tires are much cheaper; however, they will wear faster, and the issue of “wire sticking out of tires” comes up. You will be forced to spend more to buy new tires.

Also, before buying new tires, please review the product you are buying; it will give you an idea of what to expect from the product. 

4. Badly stored tires

One of the essential components of the tire is rubber, which can easily get degraded when not stored properly. Storing the tire in an extreme or cold for a prolonged period will cause the tire to either crack or degrade the rubber material.

Store tires that are not being used at a regulated temperature. It must not be too cold or hot. Also, regularly check the tire where it is stored.

5. Improper alignment

Wheel alignment issue causes the tire to have a tilt position; this causes one side of the tire to wear faster than the other. An alignment issue could cause camber wear. It refers to where the tire tilts. It causes the edges of the tire to wear off faster than other parts of the tire.

6. Punctures or cuts on tires

When there is a puncture in the tire, it immediately loses air pressure. Although the puncture in the tire does not affect the tire bead, driving with a deflated tire due to the puncture or cut will affect the bead. The steel strings will begin to show as you continue to drive the vehicle in such a situation.

How long can you drive on tires with wire showing?

You should avoid driving a vehicle with wires showing on tires; it is unsafe and can damage part of the wheel.

Once you notice metal wires in tires, it shows that the tire is worn out. A tire like this has less traction and can cause the vehicle to lose control, especially when driving on a low-traction road.

Also, once the wire in the tire is showing, it could lead to a shredded tire. It is when the rubber part of the tire loses its grip, separating from the tire. The shredded tire could lead to a blowout.

When the tire is shredded or blown out, other parts of the wheel can be affected, like the brake system and suspension.

How to fix a tire with wire showing?

There is only one way to fix a tire wire showing: to change the tire. Once the wire is showing on the tire, the last tread is being used, and the tire surface is now much smoother and has less traction.

Go to a trusted tire dealer and get a quality tire for the vehicle to replace the old tire. Ensure that the new tire is the type as the rest of the tires on the car. It should not be bigger or smaller.

How to prevent tire metal from showing?

Below are tips for preventing wire showing on tireproblems.

1. Ensure the tire is not over-inflated or under-inflated; you should put air in tire at the recommended PSI.

2. Change the tire after exceeding the recommended mile for a tire change.

3. Store unused tires properly, away from extreme temperatures.

4. Avoid buying low-quality or cheap tires.

5. Immediately fix any puncture or cut in the tire.

6. Fix all wheel alinement issues.

7. Do not subject your tire to extreme driving conditions.


Wires showing on the tire indicate the end of its lifespan. No amount of repair will make the tire road worthy. The tread is completely gone, and the tire is not traction. You will need to change the tire immediately. Keep going, ensure to find the cause of the problem and fix it before installing the new tire.

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