How to Change Oil Filter Housing Gasket?

It is essential to learn how to change oil filter housing gasket because of the many dangers of driving with a leaking oil if it keeps spilling from the housing. The lubricant could get to essential parts of the engine, like the spark plug, and cause severe damage to them.

To know how to change the housing, you must first ensure that the leak is from the gasket and then gather tools and materials to get the process going. Follow the procedure given to you as you continue to read. 

how to change oil filter housing gasket

What Is An Oil Filter Housing Gasket?

A gasket is a rubber seal that protects the oil filter and stops it from spilling. The gasket housing helps keep the filter in place and stable while providing a form of seal. It acts like an oil filter seals. A properly functioning oil filter gasketwill keep dirt, debris, and other contaminants that can pass through the engine from getting into the oil.

The gasket oil filterhas a housing that connects the oil filter to the engine bay and ensures it is entirely stable there. You can find the housing beside the engine cover. The housing also makes installation and removal much more accessible than older vehicles requiring a lot of bolts.

In addition, the oil filter gasket housing location which is in the engine bay, provides a solid and long-lasting use. It can prevent leakages of a clogged filter.

How to Change Oil Filter Housing Gasket?

The ability of the engine to function well depends on the oil the vehicle uses. There are generally different factors that could affect the condition of the engine oil. One of these factors is the oil filter housing gasket. A damaged housing gasket will fail to protect the oil from contamination, and the filter will be unstable.

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To have a proper oil filter housing assembly replacement, you must first get all tools and materials ready.


1. Drain the pan

2. Wrench set

3. Jack Stand

4. Hydraulic jack

5. Oil filter wrench

6. Wheel stop

7. Rags

9. Screwdriver set

Once you can get the necessary tools and materials, you can have the oil filter housing gasket replacementdone. Below is are easy to follow steps to have the replacement done.

1. Jack the vehicle and place the jack stand

To jack the vehicle, you need to pack your car on a smooth road and avoid sloppy surfaces. Place the jack at the appropriation part of the vehicle and jack up the car. Ensure that the vehicle’s weight is not resting on the jack but on the jack stand. You can do this by lowering the jack and allowing the vehicle to rest on the stand.

2. Place the wheel stop

Place the wheel stop at each tire that is not lifted. In this case, it will be the back tires. Ensure the stoppers are placed well so the wheel will not move during the process.

3. Drain oil

The next step is to drain the oil. To do this, you need to locate the drain plug. The drain plug is usually located at the bottom of the engine. You can consult your vehicle’s manual to find the drain plug.

Once you locate the drain plug, place a drain pan under it. Once you loosen the plug and remove it, the oil will drain into the pan. After thoroughly draining the oil, reinstall the drain plug.

4. Remove the oil filter

Here is where the oil filter wrench will come to play. Use to wrench to remove the filter carefully. You can use the tool if you cannot remove the oil filter by hand. Before you remove the oil filter, place an oil pan under the oil filter.

4. Remove the oil filter housing assembly

Remove the housing assembly holding the oil filter housing to the engine bay. Depending on the vehicle, you will have to remove several bolts, clamps, or nuts. Ensure that the old gasket is removed and not sticking to the oil filter.

5. Compare new and old oil filter gasket

Before going ahead o installing the new oil filter housing gasket, please take a good look at both gasket houses, and compare them. Ensure that the new replacement is similar to that of the old one.

6. Install the new gasket and housing 

The next step is to fit in the new oil filter gasket and the housing. Place the replacement on each appropriate engine part, install the hardware, and ensure that the gasket and housing are secured.

7. Install the new oil filter 

Finally, you will have to install a new oil filter. Please do not use the old oil filter with the new housing gasket, as it could cause the oil to blow. After installing the oil filter, pour in new oil and start the engine for some minutes, allowing the oil to flow to all the necessary parts.

Why Should My Oil Filter Have A Silicon Gasket?

If you are looking for the best oil sealing gasket, youshould try the silicon gasket. It provides complete sealing and does not allow oil to flow through any opening. The silicone materials last longer, especially when dealing with extreme temperatures.

Rubber gaskets can easily be degraded, especially when exposed to extreme temperatures. On the other hand,silicon gasketcan perform better in any weather condition.

When Should I Replace My Oil Filter Housing Gasket?

Unlike the oil filter with specific periods you should change, it is not so with the oil filter housing gasket. The housing gasket should only be changed when it is damaged. To change thehousing oil filter, you must know when it leaks.

Gasket housing is located differently regarding different brands or models of vehicles. However, when the leak comes from the engine’s bottom or the internally installed oil filter, the leak may be caused by a damaged housing gasket. You will need a new one as soon as you notice the leak.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Oil Filter Housing Gasket?

Replacing oil filter adapter gasket would cost between $270 and $350, including service cost. The gasket price is, on average $50 – $60, and service cost varies from $220 to $280. The price of the housing gasket depends on many factors. One major factor is the make and model of the vehicle. As we know, different vehicles come with different engines, and these engines use different styles of housing gaskets.

How Long Can You Drive With A Leaking Oil Gasket?

You should generally not drive with leaking oil; however, the size of the damage and the extent of the leak could determine if you can drive. If you must drive, ensure the leak is not that severe and you will not drive too long.

oil filter gasket housing leak

Try and check the oil level regularly when diving with a leaking oil gasket; it will help you know when you need to have a top-up when the oil has gone below a particular level due to the leak. 


The oil filter housing gasket is an essential part of the engine that ensures that the oil is in the proper condition and prevents spillage. Once the housing gets damaged, you need to know how to change oil filter housing gasket without causing any further damage.

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