Extended Life Oil Filter (Advantages)

Extended life oil filter is a type of filter that gives a more extended oil filtering service when compared to regular filters. It is made with the use of synthetic resin media as opposed to traditional cellulose fiber media. The filter can capture much smaller particles in the oil.

Also, the filter provides longer life for oil because it can remove the contaminants present in the oil filter. It has many benefits that make it stand out among other oil filters, which is why it is preferable.

extended life oil filter
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Benefits of Extended Life Oil Filter

Extended oil filters are fast becoming a popular part of vehicles. It is an oil filter that can trap particles, no matter how small. The oil filter is built to increase the time between the oil changes.

Using an extended-life oil filter comes with some benefits, which may include the following:

1. Longer filter life

One of the significant advantages of using an extended-life oil filter is that it provides a more extended filter service for your vehicle. It is made using synthetic resin media, which can provide optimum protection for the engine. The filter is most times bigger than a regular oil filter.

Due to its unique design, the filter can last for more than 10,000 miles. Vehicles that use synthetic oil are most suitable for this kind of filter.

2. Saves Time

An extended oil filter gives you more time to change the filter and the oil. The filter provides maximum protection against contaminants that can attack the oil’s durability and reduce its lubricative power. Instead of changing the oil after every 7,000 miles, you can get an extra 3,000 miles with the filter installed.

Also, you will save time changing the oil filter constantly. The filter can last more compared to regular types of filters available in the market. 

3. Extends oil life

Another benefit is that it will extend the life of your oil. The extended life filter can capture the smallest particles and give premium protection to the oil. It has a unique design that helps keep the motor oil free of contamination for a long time. 

4. Saves money

By extending the life of the oil and the oil filter, you save money on having to change them within a shorter period. Regular oil filters are expected to last for only 5,000 miles. The extended oil filter will last up to 10,000 miles, which means you can save money buying two oil filters. You can also say the same for the oil; rather than changing the oil every 7,000 miles, the filter can extend the oil life for another 3,000 miles.

5. Suitable for heavy-duty engines

The filter’s material provides a better cope with the higher pressure and flow that comes with using a heavy-duty engine. A long-life oil filter comes with a silicone gasket, allowing it to cope better with higher temperatures from the engine.

An excellent example of this type of filter is the stp extended life oil filters. They are very different from regular filters, and by looking at them, you can see that they can be more extensive and sophisticated.

Who Makes STP Oil Filters?

If you are wondering who is the maker of stp oil filters, it is made by Champion Laboratories Incorporation, an auto parts manufacturer in the United States. They came to be in 1955 and were previously known as Kleen Pak. The company is known for manufacturing and supplying other auto parts like brake pads, air filters, and more. They also deal with motor fluids like the transmission and motor oil.

The company’s most popular product is its car oil filters, which are widely used due to the excellent quality service it provides to engine parts. Stp oil filter quality has been tested and proven to provide outstanding engine oil filtering services.

Are STP Filters Good For Your Engine?

Is stp oil filter good? Yes, it is. The filter is made with a lot of consideration for modern vehicles and their oil filtering needs. It has a contemporary design that keeps the oil always secured. It also comes with silicone anti-drain valves. It offers premium and effective oil purification and does not allow even the smallest form of contamination into the oil.

STP Oil Filter S10590xl What Does It Fit?

The stp oil filter S10590xl is a perfect fit for trucks and SUVs like Chevy. It is not the extended life oil filters, but it also gives a long-lasting filter service. The filter is designed to perform equal to or surpass OEM parts and will work perfectly with your vehicle’s original parts.

How Long Does STP Extended Life Oil Filter Last?

The stp extended life oil filters can last up to 10,000 miles before the change, which is quite impressive compared to other filters that would last for just 5,000 miles. This filter will provide a longer-lasting purification for your engine oil, saving you time and money spent constantly changing the filter. 

Can You Reuse the Extended Life Oil Filters?

You should avoid reusing any oil filter, including the extended oil filter. The defective oil filters can gather so much dirt, debris, metal particle, and more when filtering and purification. These materials, after some time, build up in the filter, and when used after changing the oil or reused, they could contaminate the new oil.

When they get to the oil, the particles in the filter, especially metal particles, would react with the oil substance and make the oil lose its lubricating power faster. Also, the particles in the filter could cause it to get clogged up easily.


Extended life oil filter is a type of filter that gives you a longer, more durable filter. Compared to regular filters, you could see a vast difference in performance. You could gain a lot more from using the long-life oil filter. You get to save time and money and get an extended filter and oil life. A good product that offers extended-life oil filters is the stp oil filter.

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