How to Fix Power Steering Box Leaking?

Leaks in the power steering box are not usual; it shows something is wrong with the steering system, and you need to check and correct it immediately. Your vehicle uses a hydraulic system for its steering, which means it uses this fluid to power the steering system and provide lubrication to the moving parts. Once there is a leak, the liquid will drain out, and the steering system will not function as it should.

Once you notice a power steering box leaking, try and figure out where the leak is coming from. Once that is done, you can proceed to have it fixed. 

power steering box leaking

Why Is My Power Steering Box Leaking?

Power steering can leak due to many causes depending on the leak’s location. It could happen in different locations, such as a power steering rack boot leak, pump leak, steering box leak, and more.

Three factors could cause a leak in the power steering box, including the following.

1. Broken hose and line

One major cause of a power steering box leaking is a broken hose and line. The hose carries the brake fluid to the necessary part of the rack and pinion steering system. Once the hose is broken, then the liquid will begin to leak. The vehicle uses a hydraulic steering system, which creates pressure in the hose with every steering command, making the leak significant when driving.

2. Loosened connected

There are connections between the hose and other parts of the steering system. The relationship becomes loosened, causing leaks to happen in the affected areas. This leak is relatively easy to fix, as you will have to fasten the connection and ensure that the leak has completely stopped.

3. Damaged seals

A damaged steering rack boot can also cause leaks; the seal between the steering column and the rack and pinion is prone to get damaged. It could get shrink, crack, and more. It leads to disconnection and goes away to fluid flow from the system.

What Is The Most Common Power Steering Leaking Symptoms?

When you have a steering leaking problem, it has some apparent signs. The steering condition of your vehicle will drop dramatically, and it may become quite challenging to control the car.

Below are some signs your vehicle will display if its steering fluid leaks.

1. Steering Noise

One thing about your vehicle’s steering is that its design does not give way to noise. When you start hearing the noise and vibration when you turn the steering, there must be a problem. One of the factors that make the steering smooth and noiseless is the fluid. It lubricates parts of the steering system and reduces friction.

When you experience a leaking power steering gear box, it will significantly affect how the steering moves. The fluid will reduce drastically, and the necessary moving parts will not be lubricated, causing friction. The sound of the moving parts grinding together is what you hear.

2. Slow steering response

Another sign of aleaking steering boxis a delay in the steering response. When your steering fluid leaks, the steering system’s moving parts become harder to control, giving a slower steering response to the steering command. In some cases, the steering may get stuck, which could be frustrating.

3. Visible steering fluid on the ground

Steering box leakingwill leave visible fluid on the floor. It is essential to always check beneath your vehicle for any form of leaks. It could be oil, coolant, or steering fluid when you find leaks beneath your car’s engine part. Try and observe the leaks on the floor to check what fluid it is. You could also trace where the leak is coming from. 

4. Ignition noise

Observe your vehicle for squeaking sounds while driving. When there is a leak, it could hinder the ignition process. The steering pump will begin to make a squeaking sound whenever you attempt to start the engine. It might also come accompanied by a warning light. 

How to Fix a Power Steering Box Leak

When you realize that you have a leaking power steering fluid, you need to know where it is coming from. It will give you a better idea of how to fix the leak. The leak could be a rack and pinion leak or a damaged hose leak.

Fixing steering box leaking

If the leak is from a hose line connection, it is easier to lock and fix. Find the connection where the leak is coming from and fasten the leak hose connection. Fill up the reservoir and observe again for any leaks. Observe a broken hose. Once you find a damaged part of the hose, you may change it entirely.

When observing for leaks, if you release that the power steering fluid leakis from the rack and pinion gearbox. Type of is often difficult to fix and may require the entire system to be changed to ensure the leak is solved. However, there is a much cheaper way to stop the leaks by using power steering leaks products or home remedies for power steering leaks. They are temporary means to solve the leaks before you can have a replacement.

Can You Drive With A Leaking Steering Box?

The extent to which the leak is and when the leak started will determine if you can drive the vehicle with leaks. Yes, you can drive with a minor leak, but you should not go for a long distance with this. At the initial stage of the leak, you might not notice the effect of the leak on the steering control, as there is still enough fluid. Depending on the leak’s significance, you will feel the steering get stiffer and more difficult to control.

When the steering becomes stiffer, you need to have the steering fluid checked and also check for leaks. The more rigid it gets, the more difficult it becomes for you to control the vehicle. In some cases, the steering will become completely stiff, which means you cannot control the car anymore.

What Happens If You Use Water Instead Of Power Steering Fluid?

Using water instead of steering fluid will ultimately damage the steering system. Water and steering fluid is entirely different properties. The steering fluid gives a lubricating function to the parts of the steering. Water, on the other hand, is corrosive to metal components. It will cause the rack and pinion steering systemto rust, making the steering completely stiff.

Apart from the lubricating function the power steering fluid performs, it carries out the hydraulic role in the steering system. It uses pressure to actuate the cylinder upon the steering command given by the driver. Unfortunately, water cannot perform the same function because of the vast difference in properties. Water cannot create the much-needed pressure that the fluid can create. 

Can You Mix Old And New Power Steering Fluid?

Yes, you can mix the old power steering fluid with a new one. People do this all the time when topping off their fluid. Mixing the liquid is good and keeps them at a healthy level that will be efficient for the vehicle’s steering system.


Power steering fluid is a vital fluid used in the steering system. The fluid creates the necessary power to steer the vehicle properly and lubricate the car’s parts. When you find a power steering box leaking, this does not happen as it should, as the steering becomes harder to control and the vehicle’s handling drops drastically. You should avoid driving with a leaking power steering fluid.

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